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    About NCpedia

    NCpedia is an online encyclopedia about North Carolina, U.S.A. As of March 1, 2017, NCpedia included 7,115 ?entries and 7,488 images!?Learn more.

    Popular Topics

    NC Gazetteer in NCpedia State Symbols ??


    NC Gazetteer in NCpedia?Symbols?

    Quick facts about North Carolina


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    Browse articles from:

    Commemorative Landscapes of North Carolina (University of North Carolina Chapel Hill)
    Dictionary of North Carolina Biography (University of North Carolina Press)
    Encyclopedia of North Carolina (University of North Carolina Press)
    "Listening to History" (News & Observer)
    North Carolina Gazetteer: A Dictionary of Tar Heel Places and Their History (University of North Carolina Press)
    NC WINS (North Carolina Wildlife Information Network Share)
    Research Branch (NC Office of Archives & History)
    Tar Heel Junior Historian magazine (NC Museum of History)
    UNC Chapel Hill Libraries

    In the News

    Monuments, memorials, and more from University of North Carolina Chapel Hill's Commemorative Landscapes of North Carolina project are now available at?https://ncpedia.org/category/entry-source/commemorative.

    The 2010 edition of The North Carolina Gazetteer, edited by William Powell and Michael Hill and published by University of North Carolina Press, is now available in NCpedia at https://ncpedia.org/gazetteer. Announcement at?https://ncpedia.org/north-carolina-gazetteer-now.

    Add an NCpedia search box to your site!

    An NCpedia.org search box may be embedded in almost any Web site. Details are on the Search Widget page.

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